Satisfaction of Thai Traditional Medicine Students toward Eucalyptus Balm

Kraisri Srithuptha


This study was conducted with objectives to assess satisfaction of Thai Traditional Medicine students toward the developed eucalyptus balm and to investigate the efficiency of using the balm for reducing muscular pain. The sample consisted of 71 third-year students of Thai Traditional Medicine Major, Rajamangala University of Technology Isan. This study was an extension of the previously developed eucalyptus extract by making eucalyptus balm from it. The balm was tested with the sample by letting them apply it to painful areas or any required places on their body. The assessment on their satisfaction toward the balm was made by using the paired t-test as the statistical analysis procedure. The results can be concluded that, among the sample of 71 students, most of them were female (87.3%), 21 years of age (84.5%), and all of them were undergraduate students (100.0%). The mean satisfaction scores of the students toward smell, color, and viscosity of the balm were 3.56, 3.46, and 3.39 points, respectively. Most of them felt relaxed after inhaling the balm (64.8%), followed by those who felt fresh (16.9%), those who felt dizzy (8.4%), and those who felt enchanted (7.0%). Most students perceived that the balm’s color matched the smell (80.5%), its sticky level was at an appropriate level (84.5%), and the oily feeling on the skin was at a proper level (73.2%). None of the sampled students encountered any abnormalities on the skin from using the balm. Most students (63.3%) had intention to buy the eucalyptus balm when it is available on the market.

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