The Impact of Welfare, Work Life Balance, And Work Environment Factors Towards Job Satisfaction in Company a That Located in Pathum Thani, Thailand

Siwapich Ouppa-Bongse, Suthinan Pomsuwan


This study is for understanding welfare, work life balance, and work environment factors impact to job satisfaction. The tested welfare sub-variables included Bonus, Medical insurance, and Retirement plan. The tested work life balance sub-variables consisted of Flexible work arrangement, Vacation policy, and Promoting fitness and healthy living. The tested work environment sub-variables composed of Physical Environment, Chemical Environment, and Biological Environment. Quantitative research was adopted to collect the data from the 400 respondents who work at Company A in Pathum Thani, and the convenience sampling technique which is non-probability sampling method was used to collect the data by using the Google forms. The results of the study showed that the Welfare, and the Work environment had a significant impact on job satisfaction, which supported by an agreement with most existing research, while the Work life balance did not have a significant impact on job satisfaction, which opposed previous research.

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