The Impact of Digital Workplace Transformation, Remote Working and Working Environment Towards Employee Performance Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic in Interior Industry in Bangkok

Saung Hnin Moe, Suthinan Pomsuwan


The implication of the Covid-19 pandemic most of the organization are involved and also the design industry. Based on this situation the interested things that how the design industry works on the digital workplace transformation to productivity for the organization. All are need to protect the precaution when the next coming situation like the present. That recruited from the 400 respondents from Interior Design Industry to carry out the data needed for the study. It uses random sampling as a technique and uses simple random sampling methods to collect sample sizes. The deductive method was used in this study. In this study used the correlation between two-tailed regression and simple linear regression in this study. The study has found that digital workplace transformation, remote working and working environment has strongly positive relationship with employee performance of Interior Design Industry and also have significantly positive impact on it. The results revealed that there is a significant effect between the independent variables (digital workplace transformation, remote working and working environment) and the dependent variable.

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