Factors Influencing International Students’ Decision to Study at Taiwanese Universities

Chen Yu Ching, Anchalee Chayanuvat


Mixed methods approach was employed for this study to gather both quantitative and qualitative data. In the process of data collection, a specially designed questionnaire and semi-structured interviews were used to collect the data. The questionnaire data indicated three top factors influencing international students’ decision. First was “Scholarships”, followed by the factors of “Society and Culture”, and “Language Skills”. On the other hand, the semi-structured interviews found different three top factors influencing international students' decision. First was “Personal Factors” followed by “Language Skills” and “Recommendation and Support”. As the “Language Skills” Factor emerged in both quantitative and qualitative data, it was assumed the prime mover for students wanting to study in Taiwan. “Language Skills” Factor as international students see Taiwan as the place where they can acquire both top global languages as English and Chinese for their better future.

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