Reviewing on a Model for Improving the English Language Ability of High School Students

Ekkaraj Rakmuang, Kirk R.Person, Suwaree Yordchim


This purpose of this research was to construct a model to improve the English language ability of high school students. This research focused on high school students of 10 schools in Surat Thani Province.

The research found in this study was review of related literature on Communicative approaches, theory of language, second language acquisition / learning and related study; The  Implementation  of  Communicative  Language  Teaching (CLT)  in  an  English  Department  in  a  Lao  Higher  Educational  Institution:  A  Case Study, Communicative Language Teaching and the ELT Journal: a Corpus-Based Approach to the History of a Discourse, Research on Language and Learning: Implication for Language Teaching, Communicative Language Teaching in EFL Contexts: Teachers Attitude and Perception in Bangladesh.

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