Guidelines for Developing Innovation Management of “Z” Art School in China

Jie Zhao


The purpose of this research was studying the level of the innovation management level of China's "Z" art school, and to study the innovation management level of China's "Z" art school, and to guiding for the development of China's "Z" art school innovation management guide. This study takes the teachers of "Z" art school in China as the research object. There are a sample of 217 teachers in China's "Z" art school, and the sample group of this study is 5 teachers in China's "Z" art school. The research results are as follows: 1. This paper focuses on the investigation of the actual situation of school innovation management, analyzes and summarizes the difficulties encountered in school management, and puts forward suggestions. 2. This paper discusses the guidelines for the development of innovative management in "Z" art schools in China, and provides references based on the current school management situation. The research focuses on 4 variables: 1) current management practice factor 2) innovation management cognition factor 3) innovation management demand factor and strategy and 4) innovation management barrier factor.

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