Research Innovation in Sacral Sac Prevention in China

Li Huixiang, Sarisak Soontornchai, Pimporn Thongmuang


Sachet is an important element in traditional Chinese culture, with a long history and rich cultural connotations. In the process of modernization, in order to better inherit and develop sachet culture, continuous innovative research is needed. This article provides an overview of the innovation of sachets from multiple perspectives. Firstly, this article introduces the basic concept, historical background, and cultural significance of sachets. A sachet is a bag containing spices, usually used for decoration and incense. In Chinese history, sachets have been regarded as an important cultural symbol and widely used in etiquette, religion, and daily life. At the same time, sachets also have certain practical functions, such as preventing mosquito bites, refreshing and refreshing. However, with the changes of the times and the development of society, traditional sachet culture has gradually lost the attention and love of the younger generation. In order to reignite people's interest in sachets, innovative research is needed. This article explores the innovation of sachets from four aspects: design, materials, functionality, and marketing. In terms of design, innovation can start from aspects such as shape, pattern, and color. For example, modern geometric shapes, animal and plant patterns, and bright colored sachets can be designed to attract the attention of young people. At the same time, traditional cultural elements can also be combined with modern design to create sachets with unique styles.

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