Mudong Folk Song Singing from the Perspective of Cultural Identity

Yonghong Gong, Phakamas Jirajarupat


The research analyzes the music ontology of Mudong folk songs and studies the cultural identity of Bayu culture. The researchers adopted five research methods, including data research, interviews, observations, singing experience methods, and online surveys, and used three theories, including music communication theory, cultural identity theory, and folk performance theory, to study two objectives: Mudong Folk Songs Analysis of the musical form and performance techniques of singing; analysis of the cultural identity of Bayu folk song singing from three aspects: ethnic group, ancestral home, and region. The research results are: The research on the fusion of northern and southern music, Bashu and Jingchu music of Mudong folk songs is conducive to music school students to better understand musical works, and provides theoretical support for ethnomusicology, anthropology and other research.

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