An Overview of Dance Culture Research in the "Tibetan-Qiang-Yi" Ethnic Corridor

Xinxin Lan, Chutima Maneewattana


"Ethnic corridor" is an important ethnographic concept put forward by Mr. Fei Xiaotong[1]at the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, and the Tibet-Yi corridor is the earliest concept of ethnic corridor, The depth and field of China's national research is constantly expanding, and the unique national cultural value of the Tibet-Qiang-Yi Corridor is constantly being emphasized by the national research, and the "Tibet-Qiang-Yi Corridor" research has made remarkable achievements in the past thirty years. This paper mainly aims to sort out and analyze the research results and current situation of the dance culture in the Tibet-Qiang-Yi Corridor, so as to reflect the dynamics of artistic research in the Tibet-Qiang-Yi Corridor. In the future, the research should pay attention to the combination of 1, focusing on the reality, 2, focusing on the combination of micro and macro, and 3, focusing on the application of a broader vision to explore the culture behind.

[1] Fei Xiao tong: a renowned contemporary sociologist, anthropologist, ethnographer and social activist, one of the founders of Chinese sociology and anthropology

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