The Development of Computer Music Technology in Guangxi Folk Songs

Xinghong Pan, Chutima Maneewattana


This study focuses on the use of computer music technology to develop Guangxi folk songs, the purpose of the study is 1. in order to study the application of computer music technology in preserving and reproducing the traditional characteristics of Guangxi folk songs, and 2. in order to study how to innovate Guangxi folk songs through computer technology to enhance their attractiveness and dissemination effect in modern society. The study first analyzes the historical background of Guangxi folk songs, their musical characteristics and their cultural values, and then explores the application of computer music technology in recording, editing, disseminating and innovating Guangxi folk songs. Through a hybrid study, the paper demonstrates how computer technology can help restore and optimize traditional folk song recordings, and how algorithms and software tools can enhance the dissemination and interactivity of folk songs. The results of the study show that computer music technology can not only effectively preserve and reproduce the traditional flavor of Guangxi folk songs, but also bring new forms of creation and expression to them, and promote the development and circulation of this traditional art form in modern society.

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