Characteristics and Value of The Collection of Ancient Chinese Poetry, Shi Jing

Xiang Li, Phakamas Jirajarupat


Shijing, the earliest collection of poetry in ancient China, collects 305 poems from the beginning of the Western Zhou Dynasty to the middle of the Chunqiu Period (11th century B.C.E.-6th century B.C.E.), and is divided into the three parts of the Feng, the Ya, and the Song. The main research purpose of this paper is, firstly, to synthesize the literature related to the study of Shijing from various perspectives, such as literature, history, and culture, by combing and summarizing the relevant literature of Shijing. This paper utilizes the literature research method and interdisciplinary research method to study the concept and compilation process of Shijing. The second is to analyze the content characteristics, linguistic features, and the expression of Shijing. We will clarify the status and influence of Shijing in China, and deeply explore the historical, cultural, artistic and social values of Shijing.

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