Guidelines for Customer Loyalty and Sustainable Development in Five-Star Resorts

Patchareeporn Songkrohpanit, Uea-umporn Tipayatikumporn, Tipat Sottiwan


This academic article proposes guidelines to achieve customer loyalty in five-star resorts under the 20-Year National Strategic Plan (2018-2037) by using the Sufficiency Economy and Bio-Circular-Green Economy principles. These are applied jointly for a comprehensive development that should result in enhancing internal strength competitiveness. The focus is on transforming the tourism industry under the production and service sector dimensions in relation milestone no.2 in alignment with Thailand's tourism objectives, which emphasize quality and sustainability, consistent with Sustainable Development Goal 8, promoting inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full employment, and decent work for all. The article integrates creative ideas, theories, research findings, academic literature, and researchers' perspectives to comprehensively describe the strategies for creating customer loyalty. The goal is to develop sustainable five-star resorts through competitive advantage.

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