Study on the Changes of Singing Behavior of Huaihua Shanghe Yang Opera from the Perspective of Cultural Ecology

Guangzheng Zeng, Chutima Maneewattana


In the process of modernization, the singing behavior of Huaihua Shanghe Yang Opera has undergone changes since the 1950s due to environmental factors. Since January 2020, Chinese researchers have conducted extensive investigations on the cultural ecology of the singing behavior of Shanghe Yang Opera in Huaihua City to explore these changes. The aim of this research is to understand the causes, manifestations, and relationship between the changes. Through comprehensive investigation and analysis using cultural ecology theory, the following conclusions have been drawn: 1) the changes in singing behavior are influenced by changes in the living environment; 2) these changes are evident in three aspects: ideas (such as the purpose and function of singing), form (including lyrics, music, and singing techniques), and manner (occasions and programs); 3) there is a positive correlation between the evolution of cultural ecology surrounding singing behavior and the manifestation of these changes.

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