An Effective Management Model for Chinese Parental Involvement

Cai Mingming, Poramatdha Chutimant


Parents are children's first teachers, and the way of family education will affect the shaping of children's personality in a subtle way. In China, due to the need to face work and financial pressures, when children start to study in kindergartens, parents hand over all the teaching and learning to teachers, and they are less and less truly involved in their children's education. In recent years, through home-school joint activities and other means, parents have realized the importance of participating in their children's education. This article analyzes the degree and situation of Chinese parents' participation in their children's education from the perspectives of kindergartens (educational institutions), infant (children) and family (parents). And combined with previous research on Chinese family education, I concluded how to more effectively allow parents to participate more in early childhood education, instead of blindly sending children to kindergartens, and then handing over all teaching tasks to teachers.

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