Evolution of Blockchain in Supply Chain Management: A Bibliometric Review and Outlook for Future Research

Siti Fairuza Hassam, Adila Talip, Preecha Wararatchai


Blockchain technology has garnered significant scholarly and professional interest as a means to advance economic, social, and environmental sustainability. This study utilized a knowledge-based visualization approach to conduct a thorough and expansive review of blockchain-based supply chains, surpassing previous examinations. To understand the current status and future paths of this field, 2090 articles from Scopus databases were analyzed spanning the years 2016 to December 2023, with specific search parameters and criteria applied. Employing bibliometric knowledge mapping visualization and statistical analysis techniques, the collected data was systematically scrutinized. Concerning the objectives, the analysis identifies key gaps and limitations in the existing body of literature on blockchain-based supply chain management. These may include issues related to scalability, interoperability, regulatory challenges, and the need for more empirical studies validating the efficacy of blockchain solutions in real-world supply chain contexts. Subsequently, the analysis aims to propose potential avenues for future research that address these identified gaps and limitations, thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge and practice in blockchain-based supply chain management.

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