Proposing A Mitigation Plan of The Mda Sticker Labelling Processing Time Using Cause and Effect Analysis

Shah Rizal Kirun Nizat, Wan Mazlina Wan Mohamed, S. Sarifah Radiah Shariff, Preecha Wararatchai


With increasing concerns regarding product quality and safety in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP) and good distribution practices (GDP) guidelines plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity and efficacy of pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain. Based on (MDA, 2018), the labelling of medical devices meant for human beings, is an important process that needs to be efficient especially in stock staging. For this study, the focus is on mitigating the processing time for the labelling area, before and after staging space, by determining the cause of delay for each type of activity in the process. The descriptive analysis using Pareto analysis and Ishikawa diagram are proposed to mitigate the MDA sticker labelling processing time. While this specificity allows for a detailed exploration within this domain, it may compromise the generalizability of findings to broader contexts within the pharmaceutical or healthcare sectors.

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