The Impact of Marketing Mix, Word of Mouth, and Customer Expectations Towards Customer’s Purchasing Decision in Choosing Restaurants in Bangkok

Inkarat Thowrungraung, Chutimavadee Thongjeen


This research aimed to study the marketing mix, word of mouth, and customer expectations factors influencing customers' purchasing decisions in choosing restaurants in Bangkok. This study was a quantitative research, and the sample group was 400 people from Bangkok area, using the purposive sampling method to collect data from an online survey in Bangkok. Statistical analysis was conducted by using quantitative statistics methods, including descriptive statistics which were frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation, and inferential statistics which was multiple regression. The results showed that marketing mix did not have significantly effect on customers’ purchasing decision in choosing restaurants in Bangkok. However, word of mouth and customer expectations had a significant positive affecting customers’ purchasing decision in choosing restaurants in Bangkok at the statistical significant level of 0.05. Moreover, the beta values of the hypotheses of the coefficient between the marketing mix and customers’ purchasing decision was determined as Beta= -0.16, suggesting a weak negative relationship. In contrast, the coefficient between word of mouth and customers’ purchasing decision demonstrated a substantial positive relationship, with Beta= 0.348. Furthermore, the coefficient between customer expectations and customers’ purchasing decision appears to have a strong influence, with a Beta value of 0.473.

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