The Impact of Electronic Brochure Concerns, Social Media In-Feed Advertising, and Traditional Media Towards Customer Purchase Intention on Mobile Phone of Millennials in Bangkok, Thailand

Arada Panmueang, Suthinan Pomsuwan


This objective of this research is to investigates the marketing media characteristics on 3 main aspects 1) the impact of Electronic Brochure concerns factor, 2) Social Media In-Feed Advertising Factor, and 3) Traditional Media towards Customer Purchase Intention on Mobile phone of Millennials In Bangkok, Thailand. Data was collected from a sample of 400 Millennial customers in Bangkok, Thailand, who used 5G mobile phones, using an online questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of 5 sections. 1) Personal Details questions 2) Electronic Brochure Concerns questions 3) Social Media In-Feed Advertisement Questions 4) Traditional Media questions 5) Purchase Intention questions (51 questions in total) use Nominal, ordinal scales and the interval scale. The analysis utilized SPSS software to conduct hypothesis testing, employing various statistical techniques consist of frequency analysis, descriptive statistics, mean calculation, standard deviation calculation, and MRA multiple regression analysis. The study outcomes can be summarized as follows: The majority of the sample, comprised of men between the ages of 31-35, who possess bachelor's degrees and are employed in the private sector. Their average monthly income falls within the range of 55,001-75,000 baht, and majority have accumulated 8 or more years of work experience. The Social Media In-Feed Advertisement Factors exhibited an overall Strongly Agree level (mean 4.54), while Electronic Brochure concerns Factors related to E-brochure technology format were generally at the Agree level (mean 4.45). Conversely, Traditional Media Factors, specifically Television Advertisement, were positioned at the Neutral level (mean 2.80). Hypothesis testing indicated that the combination of new online media factors, including Electronic Brochure concerns and Social Media In-Feed Advertising, significantly impacts on Mobile phone's Purchase Intention of Millennials in Bangkok, Thailand at a significance level of 0.01. From this result of research paper, there are recommendations for entrepreneurs should prioritize advertising in their social media feeds. As the feed is blend smoothly so giving the impression of being a natural or organic component of the user's browsing experience while efficiently conveying the marketing message. It seamlessly integrated into the natural lifestyles of clients. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can focus on utilize electronic brochures with engaging technology forms, videos, and other multimedia. And it is a model for creating a contemporary and dynamic brand image in order to attract more Millennial consumers.

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