The Effect of Work Environment, Teamwork, And Employee Stress Factors on Organization Performance in Company a Located in Rayong, Thailand

Phongsakorn Pinnate, Suthinan Pomsuwan


This study investigates the influence of work environment, teamwork, and employee stress factors on organizational performance. Work environment sub-variables include technology, safety, and company culture, while teamwork sub-variables encompass communications, responsibilities, and planning. Employee stress factors are examined through salary, working hours, and conflict resolution. Quantitative data was collected from 400 respondents in Rayong via online questionnaires, utilizing multiple-choice questions for demographics and a five-point Likert scale for variable assessment. Employing descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression analysis, the research found a positive correlation between the independent variables (work environment, teamwork, and employee stress factors) and the dependent variable (organization performance), confirming all three hypotheses.

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