Impact of Organizational Innovation, Communication, and Structure on Employee Engagement in the Indian Corporate Sector

Parma Nand Mishra, Chanatip Suksai, Suthinan Pomsuwan


This research analyzed the complex interplay among organizational innovation, communication strategies, structural frameworks, and employee engagement within India's corporate domain. The study collected extensive data from a diverse demographic encompassing various age groups, genders, educational backgrounds, and job titles. Employing multiple linear regression analysis, the investigation aimed to scrutinize attitudes and perceptions toward these variables. The results indicated a significant positive correlation between organizational innovation, effective communication, structural frameworks, and heightened levels of employee engagement. The findings also underscored the substantial impact of innovative practices and robust communication on fostering greater employee engagement. While the influence of recognition displayed a comparatively weaker association, the study emphasized the pivotal role of well-structured frameworks in cultivating employee ownership and engagement. These findings strongly advocated that organizations prioritize cultivating innovative cultures, transparent communication channels, and clear structural frameworks to amplify employee engagement and commitment in India's dynamic corporate sector.

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