The Obligation for Senior Citizens to Undergo Aptitude and Cognitive Tests Before Renewal of Their Driving License

Mohd Syahrin Safwan Omar, S. Sarifah Radiah Shariff, Nordina Qayyen Mohamad Rosli, Preecha Wararatchai


According to the national population and family development Board (LPPKN), based on projections made by the Malaysian Department of Statistics (DOSM), Malaysia is expected to reach ageing population status by the year 2035. The persistent increase in life expectancy suggests that Malaysia is poised to undergo demographic aging by 2030, with individuals aged 60 years and older constituting 15.3 percent of the overall population. Contrary to the neighbouring countries Indonesia and Singapore, Malaysian driving licenses can be renewed without undergoing a medical examination, with exceptions for commercial vehicles or being restricted by age. Thus, it is beneficial to review their health and physical ability to ensure that older citizens are fit to drive on the road. This study used a questionnaire to determine the fitness level to drive based on driving knowledge, driving attitude, driving Confidence, and driving practices involving 70 Malaysian car drivers aged 60 years and older.

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