A Study on Consumer Adoption Intention towards Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

Kah Boon Lim, Siu Wan Chua, Sook Fern Yeo, Cheng Ling Tan


Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a straightforward payment tool or feature developed by the instant payment service system. The service allows their customers to interconnect and transfer funds between different banks without having to go to the bank to handle these events. The main objective of this study is to investigate factors influencing consumers' behaviour intentions towards UPI adoption. The independent variables in this study are performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, facilitating conditions, hedonic motivation, price value and habit which are the determinants that influence the behavioural intention of consumers to use. 220 sets of questionnaires have been distributed using an online questionnaire. In this study, the data collected from the survey will be analysed using the Social Science Statistical Package (SPSS) program. Our result revealed that performance expectancy, effort expectancy and social influence showed significant relationship towards behaviour intention to adopt UPI. The findings of this study may contribute suggestions to better understand Malaysians' research into digital apps and to build marketing plans that would work best for the Malaysian market.

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