Getting Fit? Let’s See If We’re Satisfied with The Service Quality of Sports Centers in Malaysia: Customers’ Perspective

Anushia Chelvarayan, Arunn Balu, Sook Fern Yeo, Lim Kah Boon, Hazlaili Hashim


For those who are concerned with their health and appearance, fitness is crucial. In order to sustain its current clientele and draw in new ones, fitness centre must constantly upgrade their offerings and gym equipment. A crucial component of the success of any organization, including sports, is customer happiness. studies on consumer satisfaction in relation to recreational sport services and facilities. The two main goals of the current study were to measure customer satisfaction and service quality. All Malaysian sport facilities are available to the public, who can play sports there while spending time with their families or friends, hence the study was targeted at all of their users. Based on this research, the information gathered is extremely valuable and beneficial to academics, researchers, learning institutions, corporations, and governments.

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