Understanding the Adoption of Blockchain Technology in the Halal Food Supply Chain: A Conceptual Framework

Adila Talip, Mohd Rizaimy Rizaimy Shaharudin, Siti Fairuza Hassam, Preecha Wararatchai


The adoption of blockchain technology in the Halal food supply chain has implications for various aspects of the supply chain, including certification, transparency, and traceability. This study aims to identify the antecedents and consequences of adopting blockchain technology in Halal supply chain. Blockchain as a disruptive technology used in the food supply chain is expected to be a solution in the industrial challenges. However, the blockchain concept need to be clearly understand for the firm to adopt blockchain in its traditional supply chain. To promote the adoption of blockchain technology in Halal food supply chain, exploring the determinants and influence mechanisms of blockchain adoption has become the focus in this study. Based on the previous study related to this topic, this paper proposes a research model to integrate TOE framework and RBV theory to discover the factors influencing the Halal food producer to use blockchain in its supply chain, and the performance in term of effectiveness will be measured.

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