Proactive Public Relations to Promote Lifelong Learning at Burapha University of Chonburi Province

Somjate Thongthes, Somdej Rungsrisawat


This research aims to study Proactive Public Relations to enhance lifelong learning of Burapha University Chonburi Province. Qualitative methods and data were collected by in-depth interviews with the library director, librarian, public relation subdivision, education practitioners, and Communication Arts Academic groups. The research found that the proactive public relations to enhance lifelong learning of Burapha University Chonburi Province are: smart communication, or it’s the communication process for proactive public relations to promote lifelong learning of Burapha University; smart content, or a story that uses Lifelong Learning Benefits to get positive feedback; smart technology, or using new technologies rather than traditional media such as public addresses; and smart feedback, or using positive communication in order to create benefits for improving the service and public relations communication.

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