Factors Affecting Sustainable Development in Local Business Management in The New Economic Era: Tong Chom Market Project

Kittisak Ngamsanga, Thanasuwit Tabhiranrak, Duangsamorn Rungsawanpho


Local economic growth is driven by the expenditure of local people, who have the local market as an intermediary and are essential to increasing gross domestic product. This article aims to study the concepts, theories and factors affecting sustainable development in local business management in the new economic era: Tong Chom Market Project. This is a project that integrates into with the public and private sectors in the form of a civil state according to The Thailand 4.0 Model. Sustainable development of local businesses requires PerceivedValue Factor, Customer Satisfaction Factor and Customer Engagement Factor. When local businesses are sustainable, they will contribute to the distribution of income in the community, reducing economic, social and environmental problems. Create sustainability at the community level, strengthening the foundation economy, which is the basis of the country's further economic development.

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