Website Development for Ohodoodeeshop Rachada 36

T. Pham Ho, Parichat Deesudha, Nattha-on Chumwijit, Wanraya Bunma, Thongchai Surinwarangkoon, Arnupap Kerepat, Nattarikarn Kaewkorathr


The objective of this study was to study the factors affecting the decision to buy shoes through online channels and the satisfaction of using the store's ordering website, Ohodoodeeshop Ratchada 36. The primary variable was the factor affecting the decision to buy shoes via online channels and satisfaction in using the website to order products. The dependent variable was the website development of the fashion shoe store, Ohodoodeeshop Ratchada 36. The 400 research samples were selected from the customers in aged 18 years and over in Soi Ratchada 36. Questionnaires were used as a survey tool of 400 samples using frequency and percentage analysis, and variables statistical analysis. The results of the study found that the most of the respondents were female, aged 18 - 24 years, and be students. The most of samples have a monthly income less than 15,000 Baht, with most of the respondents choosing to buy products the type is sandals. The average purchase is 201-300 Baht and the purchase frequency is less than 2 pairs. The information to buy shoes is Instagram and they are satisfied with discount promotion in the developed website for fashion shoe store Ohodoodeeshop Ratchada 36 with a statistical significance of 0.05.

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