A Reflection of Motivations via TikTok (Douyin) and Instagram Story: A Content Analysis and Comparative Study of Chinese and Thai Gen Z Users

Xian Ying, Rosechongporn Komolsevin, Pacharaporn Kesaprakorn


This research aimed to explore the motivations that reflected from short videos. The samples were selected the 400 most liked TikTok (Douyin) videos and the 400 most latest Instagram stories from the 100 Thai and the 100 Chinese Generation Z (Gen Z) who were born between 1996-2005. This research used quantitative content analysis, and storytelling elements including visuals, sound, character, scenes, and plot to deal with the 800 short videos for comparing the specific similar and different motivations of Thai and Chinese Gen Z. The findings showed that the motivation of the 100 Chinese Gen Z was mainly to show pretty image by makeup and filter on Douyin and Instagram Story, while the motivation of the 100 Thai Gen Z was mainly to share real image and authentic life on TikTok and Instagram Story.

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