Problems of Using Google Translate for Translating Business News from English to Thai

Ronnakon Thongruong, Chinchira Bunchutrakun, Suwaree Yordchim, Jonathan Ramirez Pinatacan


The purposes of this research are 1) to identify the satisfaction on translating business news from English to Thai used Google Translate, and 2) to study problems in translating business news from English to Thai by using Google Translate. The participants of the study were 111 undergraduate students of Business English program. The results showed that the students were satisfied with the use of Google Translate due because of time saving. However, they were unsatisfied with its efficiency. In addition, six problems found in business news translation by using Google Translate were (1) vocabulary and idiom, (2) lack of knowledge about news context, (3) wrong context, (4) incomplete translation (5) mistranslation and (6) structure and grammar. When the students faced the problems in translation, they tended to use their knowledge and ability to translate and to solve the problems, along with dictionary and Google search. The findings also indicated that most of the problems caused in translation were not only from the use of a translation tool like Google Translate but from the translator’s knowledge and ability as well.

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