Patterns of Collocations Used in Companies’ Core Values

Peeranon Meechana, Suwaree Yordchim, Anantachai Aeka, Kirk Person


This paper aims to 1) find out the frequency of main core values from companies’ websites, and 2) investigate frequencies of collocation patterns used in companies’ core values. The quantitative approach was used in this study. The data obtained from 500 companies in 2020 were identified parts-of-speech by using TagAnt, and were then analyzed frequency of main cores values, lexical words, and collocations by using AntConc. The results of the study reported that the frequents words of core values were integrity (165 words), customer (99 words), respect (86 words), innovation (78 words) and excellence (66 words). In addition, the frequent collocation patterns were: verb + preposition (288 or 28%), verb + noun (183 or 18%), and noun + preposition (154 or 15%). The results of the study may enable language learners to develop their competency and promote their awareness, especially in the use of English in business contexts. These results can also be used as a guideline for course preparation of business English.

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