English Participles Used in Online Skincare Advertisements

Panachai Sukyued, Suwaree Yordchim, Chinchira Bunchutrakun, Kirk Person


English participles as a pre-modifier are one of the best informative and persuasive advertising languages to persuade the consumers to purchase goods and services. This study aims to analyze descriptive data for skincare advertisement texts and to survey the frequency of English participles used in online skincare. The qualitative method and document analysis were used in this study. The collected data used in this study were 1,020 online skincare advertising texts from Beauty, ASOS, and BeautyBay websites. The data were categorized descriptively by using Micorsoft Excel and were then analyzed by using AntConc and TagAnt to identify word frequency of English participles. The results show that there ware 63,786 words with 3,775 types (41,834 content words and 23,001 function words). For English participles, there were 2,388 instances derived from skincare advertising texts. These participles were found in all advertising texts. The variety of English participles were found in online skincare advertisements. The results of the study, therefore, may benefit English language learners and business students in creating advertisements and promoting skincare or cosmetic products.

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