Traditionalized Intangible Cultural Heritage Performance-Reflection on the Field Investigation of Changsha Huaguxi

Lingdan Wang, Nataporn Rattachaiwong, Yinghua Zhang


This paper aims to studied how Changsha Huaguxi, under the state presence, has realized the appeal of "cultural economy" brought by symbolic metaphor. By using field investigation, performance appreciation and comprehensive analysis, and through the writing style of field ethnography, the paper has elaborated the spread and significance of "Intangible cultural heritage" consumption and performance represented by Changsha Huaguxi under the background of "Intangible cultural heritage" cultural tourism. Through the field comparison of performance in two different fields of Changsha Huaguxi, it is found from the results of the study that the traditional Changsha Huaguxi, influenced by the performance field, is constantly evolving in cultural performance space and ecology, and constantly changing in performance form. The performance behaviors are turning into to stylization, fragmentation and secularization; The production mechanism is turning into institutionalization; The performance space is turning to public fields. With the advancement of intangible cultural heritage project, Changsha Huaguxi has chosen a path of "intangible cultural heritage". It is concluded that in this process, the traditionalized performance has changed from ritual, enlightenment and ethnics to entertainment, aesthetics and commerce, and its emotional cultural foundation has been continuously removed, showing the collision, understanding and dialogue with the modern "re-contextualization".

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