The Aesthetic Significance of the Ballet "Red Detachment of Women" and the Female Ideology

Lina Lyu, Phakamas Jirajarupat, Qiu Jin


As a classic red ballet that has been circulating for more than half a century, the Red Detachment of Women conveys the symbolic meaning of potential collective cognition and a kind of red revolutionary realist aesthetics with its breakthrough artistic performance and ideological connotation. This article aims to study the aesthetic symbolic meaning and female ideology presented in the three versions of the ballet "Red Detachment of Women" in 1964, 1970, and 1972. Using case analysis and observation methods, by watching the "Red Detachment of Women" dance video, exploring its aesthetic symbolic meaning based on the semiotic vision, and finally using Judith Hanna’s dynamic visual model theory to perform the dance dynamics of the Red Detachment of Women Analysis to present the reflection of female ideology in it. The research results show that the ballet "Red Detachment of Women" contains a special aesthetic symbolic meaning, and the dance also emphasizes women's rights consciousness, which also brings a more advanced and fair concept of equal rights.

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