English Compound Words from Online Smartphone Advertisements

Hassawas Suwannaphan, Suwaree Yordchim, Angvarrah Lieungnapar


This study aims is aimed to describe the forms of compound words used in English from online Smartphone smartphone advertisements. The dDocument research was used to survey the top total revenue growth of electronics online stores in 2020 on the website ecommerceDBEcommerceDB.com. Five websites were ranked as follows: Amazon.com, Aapple.com, jdJd.com, Bbestbuy.com, and Ssuning.com. In the top five total revenue growth of electronics online stores, smartphone products are found on every website. The collected 1,000 smartphone advertisements from the top rank Amazon.com were then analyzed by identifying the frequency of words and categorizing compound words. The results show that there are 176 compound words which can be classified into five types. There are 78 compound nouns, 73 compound adjectives, 13 compound verbs, 4 compound adverbs and 8 compound pronouns. It can be concluded that compound nouns are the most dominant of compound words used in online smartphone advertisements. The implication of this study seems to be useful for teaching English for advertising.

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