The Evolution of Chinese Opera Performance: A Case Study of Qian Opera

Dandan Sun, Kusuma Teppharak, Xiulei Ren


The purpose of this article is to study the evolution mechanism of Chinese opera performance using Qian Opera, which has strong local characteristics, a long history, and is loved by the people of Guizhou, as a research sample. The research method is to select the two classic and contemporary representative plays, "Qin Niangmei" and "Tianqu," and use research methods such as literature research and field surveys (interviews, observations) to carry out the changes and development of performance forms in a comparative study. The research results show that the performance form of Qian Opera will form a performance pattern with a fixed paradigm and beautiful features in a specific period, region, cultural category, and context. In addition, the past performance patterns (performer side) will create new performance forms due to the change in aesthetic form (audience side) to meet the aesthetic requirements of the contemporary era. The research results can help excellent artists break through certain limitations of the formula in their creative thinking and create their own personalized and standardized art.

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