The Differences of Online News Translations with Different Translation Applications

Benjarat Somnuek, Chinchira Bunchutrakun, Angvarrah Lieungnapar, Jonathan Ramirez Pinatacan


The purposes of this study were 1) to identify differences of grammatical structures and language use in translating news by using different translation applications, and 2) to identify the differences of translation between sentences and paragraphs levels. This study collected 40 online news from airlines of Thailand about COVID-19, published in both Thai and English from January 1 to July 30, 2021. These collected data were transcribed by using two mobile applications: Google Translate and Microsoft Translator according to the popularity and accessibility on Android and IOS operating systems. The results showed that both applications provided similar results when translating online news from English to Thai. Furthermore, we found that when comparing the translation of both applications at sentence-levels, there were seven differences in grammatical structures and language use: 1. Sentences structure 2. Division and Punctuation 3. Register 4. Mismatching of words and their meaning 5. Spelling 6. Tenses 7. Capital Letter. The implications of the study were discussed in this paper.

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