Motivational Factors and Intended Effort for Asian Students Learning LOTEs

Luoling Yang, Natthapong Chanyoo


Motivation is an important factor for students’ performances. With the scarcity of research on motivation of learners of LOTEs, especially in Asian context, more research to focus on studying motivation of learning LOTEs in Asia needs investigation. While there are many motivational factors that promote learning LOTEs, this paper aims to identify some influential factors that can be utilized in future studies by reviewing previous Asian LOTEs motivation studies. The results of the review indicates that Dörnyei’s L2MSS theory along with five other motivational factors have prominent effects on Asian learners of LOTEs. The positive or negative impact of the ought-to L2 self in LOTEs learning vary with different research contexts and subjects, and the L2 learning experience is considered a unique factor among Asian LOTE learners. The findings provide a framework that can be adopted or inspired for future research on motivation of Asian LOTEs and can also shed insight to LOTEs educators in promoting motivation of students learning LOTEs.

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