How Changing Food Buying Behavior of Consumer during Covid-19 Affect A La Carte Restaurant in Lum Luk Ka

Jakapat Tiewsuratkul, Thirarut Worapishet


Covid-19 was greatly affected food consumption behavior of people. People started to change a lot of thing in daily life not even a food consumption. Especially, in coivid-19 situation people have to worry about food that they eat every day. They started to asked him/herself What should we eat? Is it safe for covid-19? Food consumption behavior that has changed to a new life or new normal has become the direction of doing business or marketing at the moment which changes in consumer behavior. This time will become a catalyst for innovation and new technologies come in to support marketing needs. Food service business, retail business and food manufacturers need to adapt to meet the needs of the consumer market that changes with the current situation.

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