Customer Loyalty Influencing Supply Chain Performance of Manufacturers in Thailand

Gy econgmin Kim, Phichet Netsawang


The aims of this research are: 1) to analyze the appropriate components of customer relationship management, customer loyalty and supply chain performance of beverage manufacturing businesses in Thailand. 2)To examine the influence on customer relationship management to customer loyalty. 3)To propose the model of customer relationship management and customer loyalty to enhance the supply chain Performance of Thai beverage manufacturing business. Survey research were used Questionnaires were collected from management samples of Thai beverage companies 290people. In-depth interviews with 17 executives in the beverage manufacturing industry in order to bring the data obtained. By asking opinions of buyers of industrial raw materials that are packaged for distribution. Data were analyzed from the Questionnaire. By statistical testing using a 95% confidence level, which used statistics, descriptive statistics, Analysis of Confirmatory Factor Analysis: CFA. Statistical analysis of Path Analysis to find the model Customer Relationship Management and Customer Loyalty Influencing Supply Chain performance of Beverage Manufacturers in Thailand. The statistics used were Structural Equation Model: SEM.

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