The Integration of Nanyang Han Portrait Stone Elements and Wormwood Packaging Design from the Perspective of Folk Culture

Yang Linn, Supawadee Juysukha


Folk culture is the convergence of China's folk customs and culture, rich in content and meaning, so it has a strong ideological and artistic, and has become an important source of modern packaging design creation. The purpose of this paper is to combine the Nanyang Han portrait stone pattern with the perspective of folk culture to elaborate the application in the packaging design of wormwood products, to integrate the folk culture with the product packaging design, to have a certain extension effect on the future product packaging design, and at the same time, to make a certain contribution to the inheritance and development of folk culture. The research results are as follows:

(1) Clarify the color expression of Nanyang Han portrait stone elements in folk culture, as well as the use of graphics in packaging design.

(2) To establish the application prospect of Nanyang Han painting and wormwood packaging design under the perspective of folk culture. The aim is to promote cultural identity by organizing the artistic characteristics of the Nanyang Han portrait stone in folk culture, so that the local characteristics of the wormwood industry can show the beauty of the region.

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