Wang Shu's Concept to inspired interior for art office design

Wang ZiJian, Noppadon Sangwalpetch


The purpose of this research is to solve the design problem of the art office, and design an excellent art office by learning the design style of the artist Wang Shu and applying it. The design sense and practicality of the art office are the first priority to be considered. The purpose of this research is to investigate more than one hundred people through questionnaires, analyze the survey results obtained according to descriptive statistics, and finally get the data. As far as the results are concerned: Wang Shu’s design style can be greatly Accepted by most young art practitioners, and has very good expressiveness and practicality. Wang Shu advocates natural design concepts and simple design styles, which can maximize the use of the space in the art office without excessive the cost of. Young art practitioners hope to have a multi-functional art office with design aesthetics and a sense of space depth. This art office is designed with a mixed layout, and the private area allows young art practitioners to concentrate on learning and completing their own creations. The public area is an exhibition hall or gallery. In this area, young art practitioners can display and sell their works, and there is also a tea room for receiving guests, conducting business negotiations and academic exchanges. In terms of materials, natural and environmentally friendly materials not only save costs, but also can highlight the texture of the material itself and have a natural beauty. Bright colors and styles give a more youthful feeling, and are an excellent design that meets the characteristics and needs of young art practitioners.

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