Study for lacquer paint of incomplete beauty concept: case study of Wood Lacquer paint in the Northern Wei Dynasty

Wu Shanghua, Noppadon Sangwalpetch


The lacquer paintings on wooden boards during the Northern Wei Dynasty have a fragmentary sense of formal beauty, with the edges being damaged and missing, forming an abstract form of language. The incomplete wooden lacquer painting is a masterpiece of nature, with natural wood and natural lacquer experiencing thousands of years of vicissitudes and possessing natural texture beauty. In the creation of lacquer painting, I use the concept of incomplete beauty in ancient wooden lacquer painting, combined with natural materials, to express and try to change the texture of the incomplete state, and obtain a new artistic experience from both visual and tactile perspectives. Lacquer painting with incomplete aesthetics will awaken people's memories of time and history, enrich the expression forms of contemporary lacquer painting techniques, and increase people's diverse aesthetic taste.

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