Research on Classroom Management Strategy of Primary School Affiliated to Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

Wenting Luo, Suttipong Boomphadung


Classroom management is the top priority of the entire classroom. Factors that affect classroom management include national policies and systems, school staff management, teachers and students. The purpose of this study is to analyze the extent of teachers' classroom management strategies in primary schools affiliated to Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, and to deeply compare teachers' classroom management strategies based on individual factors. First, I will use the SWOT analysis method to analyze the classroom management of the primary school affiliated to Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, and distribute questionnaires to teachers to investigate the methods of primary school classroom management. Improve the effectiveness of classroom management in primary schools. This study found that teachers' emotions and management style will affect students' learning efficiency, teachers should adopt a positive teaching attitude and apply new media technology appropriately.

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