Investigation and Analysis of the Popularization of Mandarin in Colleges and Universities in Yunnan Province and Countermeasures Research -- taking Yunnan Technology and Business College as an example

Weiqing Yang, Thada Siththada


The popularization of Putonghua in colleges and universities is an important link that cannot be ignored in the current national language work. With the continuous expansion of the scale of universities and colleges, the popularization of putonghua in colleges and universities lags behind obviously. Therefore, colleges and universities should make efforts to find out countermeasures: strengthening the popularization of putonghua in colleges and universities, establishing rules and regulations, and establishing the long-term mechanism of Putonghua teaching The author selected 410 students from Yunnan Technology and Business University as samples. The quantitative study adopted isometric sampling method, and the research tool was questionnaire survey. Percentage frequency was used to present and analyze the survey data on the popularization of mandarin.

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