Parental Involvement in Education Management of Primary School

Weijia Yang, Thada Siththada


This article presents Fundamental concepts for Parental Involvement in Education Management of Primary School. Schools can become successful in engaging parents by making a slow start to expanding definitions of involvement. It is not just about increasing numbers but about the quality and kind of involvement that is bought to the table. It is more about believing that the success of students is a common interest for both school and family. Schools must envision parents as partners in the functioning and learning process. This will go a long way in identifying concrete ways in which the partnership can be cultivated and used for mutual benefit. Kids need to know that they are not making their life journeys alone and a successful school-parent partnership is a foundation for this. In this article mention 1) Parental Involvement in Education & Schools: Benefits and Strategies 2) Strategies for Successful Parental Involvement in Children’s Education and 3) What Are the Benefits of Parental Engagement in School?

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