Based on the Development Path of the Online Public Opinion Work of Higher Vocational College Counselors in the Micro-era

Mengmeng Wang, Thada Siththada


At present, China has entered the micro-era in an all-round way, and people's ways of receiving information have become more diverse, which makes higher vocational colleges' network public opinions also show the characteristics of plurality. Based on this, we used random sampling method to collect data and interviewed 80 students from Yuncheng Preschool Teachers College. This paper uses literature analysis method, questionnaire survey method and summary method to explore the development of network public opinion work of counselors in higher vocational colleges in the micro-era. The research results show that college students in higher vocational colleges are not mature enough and are easily influenced by network speech, which is easy to have a negative guiding effect on the healthy growth of students and the harmony and stability of the school. In order to deal with this problem, counselors should play a role, use effective means to carry out network public opinion work, do a good job of guiding students. At the same time, higher vocational colleges must adapt to the development of The Times and actively explore the development path of network ideological education for higher vocational college students in the micro era, hoping to provide reference and reference for educators in this field.

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