Educational Management Styles of the Teachers at Jinzhong College of Information in Shanxi

Liangyi Duan, Suttipong Boonphadung


In traditional education, authoritarian educational management styles were dominant, but in today's schools, democratic educational management styles seem to be increasingly popular among teachers and students. Therefore, this research aims to analyse the level of teachers' educational management styles at Jinzhong Information College in Shanxi, China. The participants in the study were selected through simple random sampling. Research instrument was the Teacher Educational Management Style 15 item-questionnaire. The data was analysed through frequency and percentage. Research findings showed that teachers believe that democratic educational management style can promote students' personality development to a certain extent. The recommendation for the development of democratic educational management, authority should still be maintained, but weakened, and students should be treated with a hybrid educational management style in which the democratic educational management style is dominant.

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