The Management Model of Music Education - A Case Study of Three Colleges and Universities in Henan Province

Jia Jiao, Thada Siththada


This paper compared and studied the models of music education management institutions in three representative universities in Henan, and it analyzed the current situation of music education management institutions in colleges and universities intuitively. The three colleges and universities have different music teaching management institutions and art club management institutions. The author conducted a questionnaire survey and did a descriptive analysis of three colleges and universities in Henan Province, collecting 275 questionnaires with an effective rate of 90.25%, who summarized that they have problems such as non-standardized music teaching materials, weak music teachers and insufficient teaching equipment. Combined with the author's experience in the management of music education at the grassroots level, this paper aimed to analyze a more scientific and standardized management model for music education managers in ordinary colleges and universities.

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