People-Oriented Teaching Management in Colleges and Universities

Baoqin Huang, Thada Siththada


Research purposes: (1) Give full play to the subjective initiative of college students, mobilize their initiative and enthusiasm, and give students the right to choose independently. (2) Make colleges and universities realize the importance of people-oriented teaching management. (3) Highlight the dominant position of teachers in the teaching management of colleges and universities, and improve the degree of participation in teaching management. Research objects: teachers and students of Guangxi Arts University. Research methods: In order to have a deeper understanding of the teaching management of people-oriented colleges and universities, information and materials were collected through questionnaires and interviews, and relevant information was obtained through analysis and discussion. The research tools are questionnaires, interviews and observations. Data were processed using SPSS 21.0 statistical software. The research results show that: the key factors in constructing people-oriented teaching management in colleges and universities are based on student development, fully trust students, and allow students to grow rapidly under appreciation and care. Teachers, trust teachers, strengthen the main role of teachers, and promote the professional development of teachers.

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