Pistol Identification System Based on Breech Face Digital Images Analysis

Aree Jivorarak, Narong Kunides, Nich Wongsongja


This study is an innovative research. The objectives of the research were i) to design and develop the Pistol Identification System for digital image analysis of the tool marks on the breech-face of cartridge cases and ii) to store, manage and match the tested digital image files to the digital image files using the database management technology. The samples used in this study were composed of 300 shelled gun cases used with .38 pistols. Other equipment used were included mobile phone, computer, Matlab language program, PHP language program, and Microsoft Access software. The digital images of the tool marks were analyzed and compared using a newly developed algorithm. Subsequently, the data were stored, managed and matched using the database management technology. The tested digital image files were compared to the digital image files in the database. The accuracy of the matching results was more than 80%.

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